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Update on membership and new resources!

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to update you on some new resources and to ask you to consider becoming involved in the leadership team for SPCN!

First: The ANA Cardiovascular Nursing Scope and Standards has just been published! SPCN participated in the writing of this 2nd edition so the content is relevant for neonates, children and adults with cardiovascular disease. It may be ordered on line at:

Also check out the Clinical Guidelines on the top right of the Home page. In addition to the ACHD guidelines, documents have been added for the neonatal and pediatric patient. These documents include post-operative care, anticoagulation, arrhythmia management, nutrition, developmental care, infection prophylaxis, interstage programs, and several more. The third set of these guidelines are in production. This set will update the cardiovascular defects to include pertinent factors related to neonates and children as well as adults. These documents are intended for use by the nurse at the bedside or wherever care is provided for an infant/child/adult with congenital heart disease. You do not need to be a member to open and print these documents!

It is again time to renew your membership in SPCN! Many changes have been made to the site to make this easier. We also need to have you make sure your profile is current! Several of you may have received email notices from the site stating that your membership has expired! We really need you to go to the site to renew your membership and update your profile!

Last, although it is only the first of July, it is time to think about the SPCN Meeting in November. This year the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions are in Orlando, Florida. The SPCN Meeting and Educational Session is on November 7th, 2015. Gwen Rempel, SPCN Vice-President, is at work with Karen Iacono from Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital on a great program entitled “Improving Communication…in a Technologically Driven World”. Stay tuned to the web site to see more about the program as it develops.

Also with the Fall SPCN Meeting comes the Business portion with the election of officers. This year the offices of Vice President and Treasurer are up for election. Brief job descriptions for these offices include:

Vice President – the main responsibility involves assisting with the planning of the annual SPCN meeting and education program. The Vice President also assists with internal and external SPCN communication by assisting the newsletter editor with the production of the newsletter and in coordinating the advertising venues as identified on the SPCN Communication Form. In the absence of the President the vice President will perform the duties of the President at the request of the SPCN Board of Directors.

Treasurer – the main responsibility involves being the custodian of SPCN funds. This includes maintaining the organization’s bank account, keeping written documentation of income and disbursements, and providing a detailed report at the annual SPCN meeting. The treasurer tracks and processes member dues (both new and renewal) and pays invoices.

Let us hear from you! Participate in the queries about clinical questions, post some information about yourself and your current work, reach out to a colleague who shares an interest in the same clinical area, and check out and SHARE our clinical resources!

I am looking forward to hearing from you about your interest in SPCN and with comments on the clinical resources!

Mary Rummell, MN, RN, CPNP, CNS, FAHA and

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