• Plan and implement programs, projects and other activities in cooperation and in coordination with government agencies, hospital, and other health organizations to advance the professional understanding and science of pediatric cardiovascular nurses.
  • Aid, support, and assist efforts to enhance the discipline of pediatric cardiovascular nursing with the medical field.
  • Encourage, foster, and assist participation by members of the medical community in the development of educational programs within the field of pediatric cardiovascular nursing.
  • Disseminate information and provide technical assistance to interested professionals, including doctors, nurses, and para-professionals on subjects relating to pediatric cardiovascular nursing.
  • Engage in activities which will directly or indirectly improve the nursing care available to pediatric cardiovascular patients and families.
  • Share ideas on approaches, care methods, and teaching materials currently used by pediatric cardiovascular specialists and patients by publication, seminars, lectures, and similar methods of communication.
  • Keep a current directory of nurses specializing in pediatric cardiovascular nursing as a reference for patients, specialists and peers.
    Conduct, participate in, and promote appropriate research endeavors.