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Message from the President 2020


To the SPCN Membership in a time of great troubles:


Yesterday I was humbled and honored to receive the following email:

The American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association in the Central MA Region will be recognizing a Heart Hero / Stroke Hero at the 2020 Heart & Stroke Walk on June 20th in Worcester. The recipient is recognized for volunteer service and/or commitment to American Heart and American Stroke Association’s mission in Central MA. The Executive Leadership Team for the 2020 Heart & Stroke Walk reviewed all nominations and selected Nancy Hagberg for this 2020 Heart Hero Award.

Nancy was selected using the following criteria:

The recipient is active in the community as an advocate, volunteer, philanthropist or civic leader and has made exceptional contributions through volunteer service and / or commitment to American Heart and American Stroke Association’s mission to create a culture of health in the business community and community at large. The recipient is well known and serves the community with distinction and excellence.

Congratulations Nancy for her outstanding service to the American Heart Association.

Through the nearly 40 years of my nursing practice I have worked with many Heart Heros- stronger, more resilient and braver than I- both patients and their families, colleagues, my family and friends. I am deeply moved by this recognition.

I was also selected to give feedback for the American Heart Association to the United States Prevention Services Task Force (USPSTF) Draft: Screening for High Blood Pressure in Children and Adolescents this month.

I miss crowded clinics with patients and families milling about and the mental exercise of keeping it all straight, but I have been challenged to find other ways to support our staff, SPCN members, patients, families and colleagues using different energies.

Please send us your stories, triumphs and presentations so that we can lift your practice up and recognize your hard work. Our members are US!!

Please keep safe and stay well.

Nancy Hagberg, NP President SPCN